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“Writing on the wood is prohibited.” DSC07600 (Photo credit: Nicolas Karim)


If you are just starting to write, or if you have been writing for a while, and you have that almost desperate urge in you to “just write something,” “anything at all,” but plots and ideas escape you. I know, because I have lived with that for years until I learned how to overcome it. I just wrote a blog on how to jumpstart your article, novel, blog or whatever you want to write, and I am going to talk about more now.

There are so many writing prompts everywhere. Look around at the objects in your room—that favorite pair of shoes—where have they carried you? And that particular piece of jewelry in that box on the dresser—you have an emotional attachment to it. What happened there? In the more abstract, what about something or someone you really want to have in your life?


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Longing? The very word gives me an ache in my chest. It isn’t just an occasional glaze of wistfulness—for the past—for a simpler time—but heartfelt yearning for something or someone. It is an all powerful emotion. We all have it to some degree. I know I have, for there is a lady I really long to be with, but she didn’t want me. Rejected love is similar to it, but with pain. Longing is as near pain as you can get and still not cross that line. If you want to experience it second hand, watch some of those old Italian or French movies. They know how to stretch you out on a tortuous longing about someone or something that they want and cannot get.

Longing is always about something just out of reach, yet still either in sight or memory, and you just can’t forget it or blow it off for it has a hook that digs straight into some part of you that makes you feel so incomplete without it.


You have something like that to write about. How about any other similar intangible, vague emotion you have that maybe you are suppressing. It is right there lurking behind your bravado or your feigned courage—is it fear? What are you afraid of? Are you willing to write about it, and perhaps try to explain it in detail? What evokes it? When you look does it dart behind something in your mind and stay in your mental shadows. Hey, just what is that?

You see, there is an infinite amount of subjects, and each subject can be dissected and each part can be a topic. Just call on your emotions. I like the idea of keys and change in my pocket, where has it been? What do those keys really unlock. Mock up a man, or woman with that quarter, and tell about their life, and then where they got it, and tell about that person’s life. Put your imagination on steroids and not worry about it being a Pulitzer or Nobel prize. Just write it. You can always delete it. There will be tasty parts you can preserve. Nothing is wasted. Save it all under different categories.

The main thing is to start writing it and exercising your mind allows your muse to come out and create something different and beautiful. Never reject what she offers or, like the delicate and sensitive spirit she is, she will fade and disappear. Take it and be grateful—thank her. Like all beautiful beings, she loves to be admired and be told how beautiful she is.
Feed her. You can feed her with your passion for words, for putting those words in a row on a page. Love her and she will love you.
Enjoy being you. You can be you best by letting you out in the physical universe with your prose and poetry.

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