Write Your Own Novel, First Step 


            I bet half the people you know are nurturing a story they are burning to tell, but for a variety of reasons just can’t confront what it takes to write it. Time, lack of confidence, doubt, are the stealth assassins of creativity. They have no clue of how to write a manuscript or to start writing a book. It is daunting, for it is unknown territory. 

            The way to do it is just to start. Maybe you are jumping the gun, giving yourself too steep a gradient. Maybe you should start by writing down your goal—what do you want to achieve with this book?  Studies were made of musicians and their goals. Some had never considered their goal, some had figured out their goal and some had written their goals down.  By writing out your goal, you are putting your intention into the physical universe and out of your head. 

            Those who had a goal were miles ahead of those with no goal in terms of success, but those who had written their goals down, worked it over back and forth until they knew precisely why they were doing it, the ideal scene when they had accomplished it, and the valuable final products when they were doing it. The success rate in terms of money, popularity, sales, was a light year ahead of those who just knew their goal.           

            This is a phenomenon. When you get it all set out in your mind, and on paper, the physical universe aligns with your intention and gets all the factors and elements set up to make it happen. You must believe it totally, believe it is already done, without any doubt. It will happen.  Your goal/wish/ideal scene will come into being just like a photograph developing, and it will be so easy.           

            Give this a try before you just jump in and start scribbling.