I know you want to write for you are reading this as you have found me through Google or maybe by a reference to me. How strong is this urge? Is it a vague shadow of interest that you are entertaining because it attracts your attention, like a little itch you are scratching by checking things out? Or is it a fire in your belly that is all consuming, exploding up through your arteries and veins in your brain demanding that you quench the roaring inferno that is consuming you by exposing it to the light of day out of your head and gut.

My friend, the only way you will be able to write is to feel that fire; otherwise you will be a dilettante, just dabbling, playing with it like a cat and a catnip toy.   Having the desire, the need to write is like water torture. The more you resist it, the more hell your life becomes, for there it is, punching you from the inside, wanting out. Is it like a single bee buzzing in there or is it a hive, alive and working your insides, making you rage at yourself for not having the balls to at least try? So I am going to give you a small light for your darkness. Here is how you can fix yourself. Just write something.

“Oh No,” you say, “where do I start?”

Easy. Sit down at your monitor and start putting words down. Write about how you couldn’t sleep last night, or about a dream you had, or how you are having trouble writing what you are writing. Believe me, nobody said it would be easy, that it would be a walk in the park and the golden words would spark out of your fingertips and you could take to wearing beret’s, a ragged beard and mounting a ponytail just for spite, for you are a WRITER! No, were it just that sweet!

When you start writing, let it flow out of you, whatever the thought or idea, then something magical begins to happen if you hang in there. Rub two sticks together long enough, with enough intention, and you will get heat and then a spark, followed by fire. And when it happens, don’t stop to think, for you are being a conduit not an originator. Let it stream. You have tapped the holy vessel which is you, which you have blocked off from yourself so as not to see the glory that is in you, and sometimes the light that pours through is blinding.

Write it down as it pours out, and don’t question whether it is sensible or not, for it is purely you, your muse singing to you, for you have made it safe for her to come out and show herself. You may give it a little guidance, but only so much as a light neck rein on your horse, for it is going its way, and you may only add so much on the direction.     Let it play itself out without interruption or even a suggestion or “help”.

Some of the most beautiful, lasting songs, poems, stories flamed through in a burst of inspiration that lasted only seconds or minutes, and were grasped by the tail feathers as it fled. Believe me, grab it immediately. You are thinking it is so powerful you could never forget it. But fail to grasp it, and even a minute later you won’t be able to recall it, like trying to remember a dream—for that is what it was.

The dream is there, within you. All you have to do is dig. If you don’t feel it, or if you don’t think it is important enough to rub those two sticks together with all your heart, get someone else to write it for you. That is what I do. Call me for a free consultation.