I hired LD Sledge as a ghostwriter for a book about financial management. I can’t speak highly enough about his work! Besides being a great writer and a thorough researcher on the subject of the book, he was always open to suggestions I had on additions and changes to make the book better and better. He put long hours writing and rewriting to deliver far more than expected! He continually kept in communication with me and was very easy to work with. He made this an interesting and exciting experience for me. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants help in writing a book. He took my ideas and opinions and brought them to life with colorful language and detailed descriptions. Thanks LD! I not only got a great book out of your work but a great friend!
Dr. Ernest A. Pecoraro

 “Your Dawn’s Revenge is a true thriller that kept me intrigued and captivated. I particularly enjoyed the local color in your settings and characters. I found my senses savoring typical New Orleans scenes and colorful Louisiana characters given vivid life by your superior descriptive powers. Your keen knowledge of the New Orleans legal and political system was obvious in your creative yet bizarre manipulation of the system’s characters. The reader is drawn into the powerful plot.” Edwin W. Edwards, Four Term Governor of Louisiana

“I raced through this book. It is a wonder that Sledge can document the existence of the seamy side of life while maintaining our hope for a better way. His description of New Orleans, the Cajun culture, swamps and bayous, and a few Louisiana politicians are not to be missed. Truly a fantastic read.”  Buddy Roemer, Governor of Louisiana 

Reading your work is a visual experience like no other. Your masterful command of imagery, combined with adept, energetic storytelling, literally compels me down the page and this, for my money, ranks you with the greats.”  David Pomeranz, Multi-Platinum Award-winning Recording Artist-Songwriter

Sometimes writers have stories to tell, but lack simple basics as to how to relay their tales or information.  Not so LD Sledge.  He not only possesses the necessary basics of how to write, but paints vividly clear pictures that communicate to his audience.  Given information to relay, Sledge makes it interesting and engaging for the reader to read.  Besides being an all-round nice guy, anyone would be well served by having Sledge in their writing corner.

Devora L. Lindeman, Esq.
Partner, Greenwald & Doherty,

Offices in New York, New Jersey
Representing Employers in all aspects of 
Employment and Labor Law

LD Sledge is one of my all-time favorite writers. What I particularly  love is the atmospheric way he builds his imagery so that I feel I am right there where he is writing about and I see everything that he sees. 
That plus the inventiveness of his stories and the richness of his characters usually hooks me before the end of the first page. I also like that he pulls no punches in his writing and he’s not afraid to go where others fear to tread.
When I need a ghostwriter for my own books, LD is my first choice.
Tony Rockliff

LD Sledge is one of the most effective communicators on the planet.
He is a brilliant author as proved by his works, “Dawn’s Revenge” and “Command Influence.” Sledge was also a masterful attorney. His command of the language and presence before juries were legendary in Louisiana. He has the common touch and possesses an uncommon ability
to move the masses with his oratorical gifts and his remarkable writing.
Jim Engster, President Louisiana Radio Network

Mr. Sledge’s talent with the written word is akin to the rare singer who has incredible vocal range.  Having read his work over several years, I am not only impressed with the clarity in which he is able to communicate to a reader, but also his ability to adapt his “voice” as a writer to practically any situation.  His success and experience in writing on a variety of subjects and to different audiences is something that one cannot simply manufacture.  Surely it has been a skill cultivated and honed through his treasured years as man of so many different hats.  Whether it is detailed ad copy, written novels, short stories, poetry, news, or practically any movement of the written language, Sledge is a master.  His skills are perfectly matched for assisting others in writing.  One would not construct a building without consulting a great architect, nor would they trust an ocean-liner to be piloted by an unskilled crewman. Keeping with this logic, I would highly recommend one consider Mr. Sledge for his unmatched skill as a writer in assisting with any upcoming project. Russell Beall, Attorney

  Where  Imagination Ends…. Sledge Begins. 

 The shadow behind the novel, the spectre behind the speech, the haunt behind the headlines is the ghost…is L.D. Sledge.  When one thinks ghostwriter…think LD Sledge.  His unmatched quality of turning ideas into things, of making stories out of experience, creating scenery the likes of which can only be described as palpable is what I want when I want a ghost.

 As a busy professional public relations executive and a writer myself, I understand the value of a talented ghostwriter.  A TALENTED one can take your topic and churn it out so that it is ‘written’ by you.   For all intents and purposes, YOU wrote it…but you didn’t .

A true ghostwriter is one that gets inside the mind of the client and spits out what one is trying to say but can’t ..in the way it is intended to be said and in the time frame needed.

When I need a ghost, I  turn to LD – As gifted as one can be and as intuitive and one wants to be…technical, pedantic, stylish, creepy, romantic, lyrical, prose, academic or humorous….LD. is your man.  I highly recommend him.

Teresa Reile – Owner – PR by TR, LLC, Buffalo, N.Y.

LD Sledge helped me write my book “No Fail Hiring.” His input was very valuable, not just from a writing point of view but also from a legal one. His background as a former court attorney was indeed a perfect match in the research of the legal side of personnel selection. But most of all he is an astute writer with a straight, honest style that glues the reader, page after page. He commands and masters the technical aspect of writing and knows how to catch people’s attention on every single line of text. I strongly recommend him as a reliable support to any author or want-to-be author.  Patrick Valtin, International Management Consultant, author of “No Fail Hiring.”

“The exotic streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter and the mysterious swamps of south Louisiana have attracted writers from Longfellow to Anne Rice, Faulkner to James Lee Burke. They provide the setting for Lawrence Sledge’s Dawn’s Revenge. It is a gripping, fast moving tale about Jack Chandler, an under-achieving French Quarter lawyer who takes on the corrupt power structure to uncover a ring of child molesters. Jack is running for his life during a massive hurricane (written in 1993 with an accurate prediction of Katrina, complete with the breaking of the levees). He is in love with a bright, beautiful woman, Dr. Victoria Keens-Dennison, whose heritage encompasses Trinidad and Casablanca, with “Moorish features and emerald eyes”, but she is black and he hesitates to cross the line. The story may be fictional, but the kind of description in this book is by a man who knows his territory and presents if realistically, warts and all.”  Smiley Anders, Baton Rouge Advocate Staff Writer.

“What do you get when you mix murder with magnolias, Cajuns and corrupt police officers, a dead body and the bayous of South Louisiana?  You get one thrilling novel by Lawrence Sledge. Some of his finest writing is found in the subplot describing the romantic entanglements between Jack and Victoria, the Tulane pathologist.  Sledge’s use of inner monologues about Jack’s feeling of inadequacy and uncertainty about Victoria are short, thoughtful and sometimes hilarious.  Kevin Cuccia, Shreveport Times Staff Writer.

Command Influence is a book that reminded me of why I love to read. Delighting in a phrase or the way an author says something and re reading the phrase for the pure joy of it.

I know that LD Sledge is a retired trial lawyer, and from reading the story, I have a feeling he wrote this from experience. He totally knows about army life in the 1960s and the entire era. I loved the references to things that were going on (since I remember them). However, mostly I loved Madison, the hero of this tale, and Riggs. ALL of the characters are so well portrayed.

John Madison has a bright future. He has been to all the right schools and has a law degree. He has made a quick rise in the army and as soon as he is out, he has a bright future in politics. His short stint in the army is a stepping-stone to that future. It is important that, while in the army, he makes the right friends and garners the right support. Therefore, when he is promoted to be the aide to the general himself, a very influential officer with top brass in the Pentagon and who is obviously going places, Madison is now on a fast track to influence and power. But the general orders him to help Riggs with a rape case . . . and to make sure the guy is convicted. Madison and Riggs have no idea why this case is so important and why the general wants so badly to have the defendant put away.

Madison’s future depends on following those orders. However, he realizes his integrity will not allow it, even though the defendant is a real scumbag and will not help his lawyers in any way. Madison and Riggs decide that regardless, they will defend the guy to the best of their ability. In spite of orders. And the tension builds. This is one of those books that leaves you wanting more and sad when you are finished. It is that good.

“LD Sledge once worked and lived in the New Orleans French Quarter. Validity of his fictional thriller demonstrates keen observations by a rampant imagination penned by a true wordsmith. The bizarre modus operandi of his plot hits so close to real life headlines that the author leaves little doubt of a certain first-hand knowledge of the Quarter’s darker edges.  A parallel plot of biracial romance adds to the exotic titillation, seducing the reader at every bend of the bayou and stalk on the wild side. Be prepared to experience residual sensory overload that will linger with longing much like the adrenaline rush of skiing a perfect powder black-diamond slope. The mental exhilaration is worth a visit to your local bookstore.  Penny Meaux, Writer for the Baker Observer.

“The first thing you need to be a writer is the ability to write well. Sledge proves that hands down in Dawn’s Revenge. His writing style is clear while at the same time very descriptive.  The second thing is a good story.  Dawn’s Revenge will satisfy your quest for a really interesting tale.  He puts a lot of himself into this yarn.  Jack is one of those guys in a cramped little office who has trouble paying the light bill much of the time, but he likes to do the right thing in the name of his profession. It gets him into a lot of trouble in 308 pages of intrigue, swamps, snakes and bad guys. And, oh yes, there’s a love angle too. A love angle that gets into that controversial area called crossing the racial line. Here’s Jack falling for a beautiful woman with Trinidad and Casablanca as a heritage. It makes a really interesting part of Sledge’s story.”  Lou Major, Editor, Bogalusa Daily News. 

Gripping stuff. Couldn’t put it down. Ken Klaebe, Sidney, Australia

“I don’t read a lot and usually if a book does not grab me from the get-go, it’s gone and forgotten. With Dawn’s Revenge I could not put the book down. I actually felt somewhat despondent when it ended. The story was gripping. The setting made me want to go to Louisiana and stay there—the author’s love for the land shines through and is infectious. The way Dawn was actually revenged, brilliant, absolutely brilliant. And the main character, you can’t help actually being right there with him. I would recommend this book to anyone. Actually writing this review, rekindled my passion for it. I think that now I have to go back and read it again!” Carolina Terzi, Sunland, CA

Reviews from Amazon

 A Customer

 Dawn’s Revenge (Paperback)

I was working in a Houma bookstore and Mr. L.D. Sledge was invited for an author signing. To prepare for the day I read the summary of Dawn’s Revenge. As a native of Louisiana, I found it quite intriguing. Being an avid reader, I purchased the book and had it autographed. This was one of the wisest things I have ever done. I have found what I believe to be one of the best Louisiana authors in a long time. Mr. Sledge describes southern Louisiana flawlessly; the humid summers, the voodoo culture, the corrupt politics, even the lifestyle of the Vieux Carre’. Dawn’s Revenge has definately become my favorite novel. I have not been as enchanted with or satisfied by a selection since I completed this book. Mr. Sledge I am anxiously awaiting your next release. 

Command Influence Reviews from Amazon

Rob Writer “Book Junkie”
 (Los Angeles, CA United States)

 Command Influence (Paperback)

This book was fast-paced and gritty. Couldn’t put it down. I hope this author writes some more. His style is wonderfully readable and his characters come off the page and get into your head really quickly.

A fun read!

oldman “bobby”
 (New York) – 

 Command Influence (Kindle Edition)

This book held my interest until the very end. It was quite different than what I thought it would be. I could never have conceived how it would ultimately end. All kinds of plot twists throughout enhanced the story that was woven.

Excellent legal fiction, December 13, 2011


It’s only good if it works. (NJ, USA) – 

 Command Influence (Paperback)

“The press was present with cameras and pads…They looked like sharp eyed hunting dogs, ready to leap baying from their kennels on the scent of some fabulous excrement…”

Does that convey an image, or what? The author pulls no punches with this novel about two military lawyers with a sleeze for a client. Not only does he land killer blows on the press and on equally sleezy doctors, but on the workings of the military justice system and the Pentagon/Washington good ol’ boy system.

A fantastic ending – not AT ALL what I was expecting.

Don’t read it if you will be offended by its frank look at the darker side of humankind.

Sledge writes with a sort of Clive Cussler, old-fashioned viewpoint on women that I can do without – the tough guy getting seduced by overly eager and gorgeous females – but hey, its his story, right? But the whole book has a spirit of playfulness and integrity that brings it up to a level that makes me glad that I read it and I recommend it without reserve.


That dang book cost me hours of sleep for several days, and my wife actually missed me as my nose was buried within.

The story picks you up, carries you along, spins you around a couple of times with a wild lurch here and there, and fires you into the air with a surprising and entertaining twist at the end. A 5 star good read for sure! Carter Minierre, Clearwater, Florida

I know that Sledge is a retired trial lawyer, and from reading the story, I have a feeling he wrote this from experience. He totally knows about army life in the 1960 and the entire era. I loved the references to things that were going on (since I remember them). However, mostly I loved McCall, the hero of this tale. ALL of the characters are so well portrayed. This is one of those books that leaves you wanting more and sad when you are finished. It is that good.  Lee Jordan, Phoenix, Hollywood, CA

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the better military justice books around, November 9, 2009

Nimrod’s Peril, Amazon Reviews

Nimrods Peril is quite a ride, February 25, 2009

By R. F. Daley (Los Angeles)  Nimrod’s Peril (Paperback)

Nimrods Peril is the third book of Mr. Sledge’s that I have read. Like Hemingway and Picasso he sees the world from a distinctly masculine perspective which focuses and refines his appreciation of things feminine. He continues to entertain with his irreverent take on… just about everything. Sledge writes satire in the spirit of Jonathan Swift, he takes no prisoners. Having said that, in Nimrods Peril he does not stint on pure fantasy. His story is compelling, his characters, human or not, are lusty and three dimensional and at times his prose is breathtaking. This only enhances the quality of his poetry, which is plentiful in this book. L.D. Sledge is a very creative author who also shares an insight on the human condition which has been gleaned from a long and observant life.

Great read!, April 12, 2010

By Truth seeker “Alan” (North Hollywood, CA) –   Nimrod’s Peril (Paperback)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In creating an alternate world, Mr. Sledge populated it with lots of interesting characters that are brought to life in the course of the adventure. The lead, Nimrod, demonstrates amazing courage and integrity in the face of a decidedly evil antagonist. I had a lot of fun reading this and had a hard time putting it down. Great book, I highly recommend it. Calling this fantasy doesn’t really do it justice, do yourself a favor and get/read this book.

Love it!, February 14, 2009

By Marcia E. Powell “Mover and Shaker” (Los Angeles, CA) –   Nimrod’s Peril (Paperback)

I loved it! It was different, creative, clever, witty, entertaining, fun–AND had some profound wisdom tucked between the covers

 A thoroughly original & fascinating fantasy universe, November 9, 2011

By Editrix Gal (Yonkers, NY United States) – 

 Nimrod’s Peril (Paperback)

This is one of the most well-written, clever, funny, serious, and interesting fantasies I’ve ever read. Created with great imagination, the creatures, sentient and not, and the flora and fauna, all with their clever names, are wonderful! And the story has a liberal sprinkling of values and lessons that everyone will recognize. The story has plenty of twists and turns, but the thing which keeps you going is your empathy and love for the characters, whom the author brings to life so well, and there are also hysterical and somewhat racy parts that add spice and laughs for adults. This is SUCH an enjoyable and page-turning story. Highly recommend it.

“I fell in love with Nimrod’s companion, the lovable mouse Musette. Nimrod’s Peril reminded me of a cross between Heinlein’s irreverent nature and J.K. Rowling’s depth of universe, the way the whole world is created around these characters and the way they interact with their environment and the people around them.  Alan Eames, Los Angeles.

I just finished “Perils” (Nimrod’s Peril) and loved it. You have that language flair. I almost call it florid because I love 9th century novels so much and regard them as florid in the most positive sense. It is a book I will reread. Is there a sequel?”  Shirley Windward, Los Angeles

“I just finished Lawrence Sledge’s latest book, “Nimrod’s Peril.” The others were Dawn’s Revenge and Command Influence”, both great reads. What a trip that was. Mind Candy all the way. I could equate it with “Alice in Wonderland,” “Lord of the Rings,” and ‘Harry Potter” all wrapped up in one volume only it’s different in that it has secret code names, words, metaphors, lessons to be learned and a peek into the human psyche seldom exposed. Good and evil with great characters you may know in real life. This is adult genre, so keep a dictionary nearby. How he put it all together is a big wonderful mystery in itself.”  Ron Kissinger, Artist and Designer, Denver Colorado.

“A rip-roaring of coming of age. Naïve and innocent Nimrod embarks on a fantasy adventure on a planet that has not been fully explored to rescue his beloved human size mouse traveling companion. Sledge writes with tongue in cheek and everything exposed. He comes up with incredibly creative and unique characters and equally outlandish settings. The story is engaging. The writing style gripping. How easy it is to get caught up in this book. Write more…”  Sioux Hart, Clearwater, Florida.

 “This is a book that will plunge you into aesthetics. A lot of the prose is almost pure poetry, the wavelength of some of the sentences perfectly balanced.

Nimrod is a Wanderer on a mission to seek and discover. His traveling companion, female mouse with a human body, gets kidnapped and he has to look for her. It is a quest to save his soul mate, his best friend.

The author has an uncanny ability to see the beauty in everything and give life and personality to inanimate objects—the gardens, the fields, the weather, the sun are given such life it makes one feel in love with the universe. He writes from the point of view of someone passionate about everything around him, a yearning to have this connection with another being, this wholeness, to arrange the pieces of the puzzle in a perfect harmony. The whole book is a yearning to experience the sensuality of life. It is a painting with words.

It is about adventure. It’s romantic, thrilling, intriguing and fast moving. Characters operate in different levels that come together in the end. It goes into areas that no other book I’ve read has ventured into. It’s n ot going in just one direction; it covers all of life, the beauty of friendship, nature, the beauty and desperation of sex, and the conquering of good over evil.  Sandie Thurston, Sydney, Australia.