You wanted to know how to write your own novel, the steps to writing a book, and how to start writing a book and you did it! Your efforts at getting getting a publishing house to publish it failed. Don’t despair! You can publish your hard won book yourself. Others have done it and soared to the top, why can’t you? How do you do it? Here’s how.

Make sure your manuscript is perfect. Have it professionally edited. Don’t rely on your own editing it is like the old saying, “being your own lawyer is having a fool for a client.” Pay for someone to do it right.

You have two ways to go. First: send your book to a self publishing company like Create Space, which is affiliated with Amazon. I published three of my novels with them with great satisfaction. They will offer a scale of services from the least expensive to just printing your book with you supplying the cover art, etc., to the whole enchilada with editing, cover art, publishing to Amazon and even help in marketing. They will help you put it on Amazon as an ebook as well as your physical copy.

You will have a book you can hold in your hand, give to your friends, market online through your website, and you have your legacy.

Second: Publish it as an ebook. You won’t have a physical copy unless you want to pay to get it, but you will need an appropriate title and a cover to display. The only problem is formatting the manuscript. You may have to hire someone to do this for you, or you can learn how yourself. Once you have it formatted properly, so it can be displayed on Kindle, phones, etc., you are good to go. Remember it will have to scroll over any device like your Iphone, Ipad, Nook, Kindle, etc. After that, putting on Amazon is like following the dots, as there is a set procedure that is a matter of a few clicks, and you are in. You will have your book on Amazon that you can sell, give away, or whatever you wish. But you will have your book published for all to see. And putting it on Amazon as an ebook is FREE!

My services are generally limited to writing your dream book. For an extra fee I can help you through publishing and even help in marketing.

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