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A book written by you is the most convincing business card that you can have. It tells the world that you are on top of your business or skill, and that you are not afraid to flaunt it. You are an instant authority and the book moves you into a higher level of esteem in your business and eyes of your peers and competition. You also have a legacy that continues to speak and promote for you even when you are not there. It will catapult you into a totally new range.

As a writer, author, ghostwriter, I have written over a million multi-genre words in editorials, blogs, novels, manuals, short stories, and poems. I practiced law for forty three years as a successful courtroom lawyer, trying nearly 300 jury and non-jury trials, running my own firm with 18 employees at one period. I was a specialist in highway safety and design, traumatic injuries, death cases, hiring, employment law, and general personal injury. I did criminal work early in my career, but I stopped for the only criminals who had money to pay were drug dealers, and I refused to represent them.

I recently completed a ghostwritten project for Dr. Ernest Pecoraro entitled Riches to Rags, Why Rich Celebrities and Pro-Athletes Go Broke and How to Avoid It.  This simple how-to book on money management applies to anyone, but is designed to help suddenly wealthy celebs and athletes survive their financial success and grow their money. Here is what Dr. Pecoraro said about my work:

“I hired LD Sledge as a ghostwriter for a book about financial management. I can’t speak highly enough about his work! Besides being a great writer and a thorough researcher on the subject of the book, he was always open to suggestions I had on additions and changes to make the book better and better. He put long hours writing and rewriting to deliver far more than expected! He continually kept in communication with me and was very easy to work with. He made this an interesting and exciting experience for me. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants help in writing a book. He took my ideas and opinions and brought them to life with colorful language and detailed descriptions. Thanks LD! I not only got a great book out of your work but a great friend!”

Dr. Ernest A. Pecoraro

My published works are No Fail Hiring, co-authored with international management expert Patrick Valtin; Dawn’s Revenge, a thriller set in the New Orleans French Quarter; Command Influence, a courtroom thriller about a military court martial I defended and won as a Captain in JAG (Judge Advocate General) US Army in the early sixties; Nimrod’s Peril, an adult fantasy (also made into a screenplay). (All available on Amazon) My completed but unpublished works are A Quick Look at Federal Employment Law, A Simplification of Traumatic Injuries for Judges and Lawyers; PR for lawyers, How to Settle your own Case Without a Lawyer, Temple of the Gods, science fiction. I am writing for Freedom Magazine, an international publication and The Hard Truth,  an emag publication. I just completed a series of blogs for Southern Botanicals–, and am ghosting a murder mystery thriller situated in New Orleans. I am writing an autobiography for a famous orthopedic surgeon, the founder of the Laser Spine Institute, and just completed Heirloom, a dark New Orleans thriller.

Visit, read testimonials, blogs and samples of writing. Go to, my author site and read chapters from my novels and testimonials.

If you have a story in you that must be told, I am your man. I can take your concept and bring it alive, make it intriguing, singing your song, a tale to remember. If you want to enhance your image by telling what you know about your craft, your skill, your business, I can make you the authority in your field by the magic of the written word. If you want a legacy, let me paint your word portrait that will honor your name forever.

I give a free consultation to work out the best way to get it affordably written, in your voice. NOW is the time to move up to where you belong.