Alright!  I am now all ready to write. I have my pen, already dipped in ink, and the paper is just waiting for my deathless prose.

I want to write a book where do I start? Hmm. Maybe I should write a book about my life. Well, what are the steps to writing a book? 

Oh my goodness, my pen is dry already. I have been thinking about this for a half hour and haven’t written a thing! This is harder than I thought! My mind wanders. 

 Maybe I should get some of that software for writing a book, or free novel writing software. But I still need to have something to write about to get started. I hear that those programs really don’t work for a real writer. They say they are a waste of money.    

Sigh!  I just don’t know what to do. I want to write and need some ideas for writing a book.

I have scratched my head about this long enough. I have some money. I think I will call a Ghostwriter. I hear Sledge is one of the best. He will give me a long free consultation.

OK, here goes. He looks like an accommodating chap. I am calling him right now!