images (4)I know there is a book in me. It is like an itch. I think about it a lot. Maybe I should write a book about my life. Dang, I know there is something to write about! Is this called writer’s block when I haven’t even started?  I don’t even know the steps to writing a book. 

Aha! I used to love to fly kites as a kid. I built them and won a contest. I bet I could write about that! Now I can start writing a book! OK! Well here I go.images

Have you ever had this itch?  It’s a beautiful urge to create something wonderful, and we all have that in us. The solution is simply to find somethine we love, and as they say, love will find a way–your muse will find a way. Everyone has a muse, and she is there waiting for you to call her out of hiding. If you have found your item, and then don’t have time to write it, or try and dead end somewhere, call me, I will help you write in just the way you would.