You came to this site to learn something about Ghostwriting—and something about me. If you are just cruising, satisfying curiosity about ghostwriting, I hope my site answers that. If you are wanting to know something about me, the best thing to do is get a feel through the site, read some of my writing, and then we should talk.

        It’s a two way flow. You have to like my writing a lot, and you have to like me a little, preferably a lot, because we will be working together for a while. And I have to like your project and I have to like you. If we talk and there are some good laughs in that first communication, it’s a good sign. If we laugh a lot, that means that something special can happen in the chemistry of creation.

       If it’s serious business all the way through, that’s OK too—we work on the level that we find comfortable. But there is one vital element:  If we resonate with each other personally and on the project, then the rest is a flow for we blend our intentions into a marriage of minds and I produce what you want and you are happy. I am happy. Sounds simple? It is. All of my clients and I have become lasting, warm friends. Let’s see if we can ring those chimes on your project. There’s nothing quite like it when everything fits.

     Give me a call, now.

     Like my British friend says in the video on the landing page: “What have you got to lose?”