ghostwriting fees How much are ghostwriting fees?


Invariably, before we even get into the subject matter of the proposed project, the first question is: “How much do you charge?” This is a very legitimate question, for the new author, wanting to see if it is worthwhile to get his or her idea in written form, needs to know this. I could come right out and tell what my fees are, and there is definitely a standard, but a lot goes into getting at a number that is fair to both of us.

I have to know how much work I will have to do, how much research, will the author supply me with an idea, an outline, what he or she has written already, or will I just jump in headfirst and create the idea from the get-go. Regardless of these issues, the author must know that writing is re-writing, and I am never satisfied until it rings like a bell when I thump it. It must be as good as it can be. So this involves writing over several times and making corrections, switching things around, editing, surgically moving and shifting sections. It is work of art as much as a craft, and so a novel can take six months full time, 12-14 hours a day. This must be known.

My fees for a novel, autobiography, or lengthy work with much creativity ranges, depending on these issues. For a shorter memoir, a manual, nonfiction book on some special process, product or idea, also depends on the time and the factors above. Everything is negotiable. I am a professional, and when you hire me you get the culmination of over fifty years of experience in law, medical, military, hard and easy living, and over a million words written. . I am creative as well as practical; I have been called “an artist with words.” You get all that and me. I can make your creation sing.

My fee for blogs, intermittent writings that require research and other time consuming issues, are calculated by the word and are negotiable depending on the size of the project.