About me, LD Sledge.

ghost writer

I live in Tampa Bay, Florida area. I have been writing fiction and nonfiction, columns, blogs, short stories, novels and professional manuals for over forty years. Writing is my life. Helping others fulfill their dreams and grow their businesses through my writing gives me great pleasure.

 I just completed (working title) “Financial Planning for Celebrities and Pro-Athletes, A Life Preserver.” My client recently sent me an email saying: “Thank you, you are truly an artist with words.”

I am writing a book on singing for a German Opera Singer and  “Grow Your Own Food,” for an Organic Gardening Company. I am simultaneously writing a sequel to one of my published novels, Dawn’s Revenge. It is a busy, wonderful life doing what one loves.

While I write blogs and newsletters, I prefer working on high-end, heavily researched type material, fiction and non-fiction. I love writing memoirs, novels, books on any subject-fiction and non fiction, autobiographies, and short stories.

My novels are page turners, my nonfiction projects simplify and make complex subjects readable and interesting. My blogs impinge and bring the reader back for more. I emphasize the positive, and avoid any negative unless it is called for and there is a positive answer that follows. People have enough doubt and worry as it is. I try to keep it light and friendly, unless the author wants it academic and technical, yet do it in the voice of the author (client) and strive to inspire, enlighten or entertain. 

I served in the US Army and was discharged honorably as a Captain in 1963. For forty three years I was a courtroom lawyer helping real people, trying hundreds of judge and jury trials in my own law firm.  My word count in novels, nonfiction medical, legal, blogs, newsletters, columns, editorials, short stories and poetry exceed a million words, with accolades from governors, readers and clients.

Anyone wishing to write that memoir, autobiography or story that must be told, should not wait. Time grows short. Any business without an effective communication line out into the world by newsletter, blog or other written media, has a world just waiting to learn of its product or services. It is today’s key to success.

I am always hearing “I want to write a book where do I start? I also hear “I want to write a book about my life?” The first question is “what are ghostwriting fees?” Call me and I will answer these questions. Read two chapters in each of my novels at my author site: www.ldsledge.com.

I have three living children with five grandchildren. I love fishing, the open water and mountains. I am a musician, performer and eclectic reader.