Can you stand erect, take nourishment, walk, talk?  Can you bend, stretch, lift light objects, write, read, spell, add, subtract?  If you can do any of these things, you can do anything.  All you have to do is decide what you want to have, what you need to do to have it, and what you need to be to do and have this. Then see what is the first step it will take to get you there.

Life is made of baby steps, gradients.  You crawl before you can walk or run. So be willing to crawl some.

Maybe you need to get trained. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, or do what it takes to learn how to do the simplest task of the first step and learn it cold. Then move to the next. Don’t look back or sideways; drive forward knowing precisely how it will be when you are at your goal, but knowing all the while that you need to learn and do everything that needs to be learned and done to backfill your progress with knowledge and substance.  Be an expert at what you do at the time you do it before venturing out into the next part of your dream.

Everyone knew nothing about his job before he started. You see that top executive?  You think he knew all about it when he started?  You can bet he got where he is by starting at the bottom – maybe as a paperboy if he is the top editor of a newspaper. Maybe he was a carpenter’s assistant before he became a real estate developer, or a Swabbie before he became an Admiral. That way the top players understand how it is to be at the bottom and that is what makes them the leaders they are.

As a writer, you must learn your craft by taking your licks. You won’t win the Nobel or Pulitzer until you have paid your dues.

Be proud to start at the bottom. It is just a step on the stairway to the top.