Books Make Booms

         You know how to do something pretty well. As a matter of fact, you are as good at what you do as anyone you know. You don’t want to crow about it, but when you consider your years at it or your native ability to do it, you are as skilled as anyone. Why not write a book, booklet or a manual, to show others how to do it and maybe make some money at the same time from book sales. Don’t keep this information to yourself. Don’t think telling about it will teach others to do it and you will be left out in the cold. It doesn’t work that way.

A book sharing a skill makes you an authority at it. You become an expert in an instant. There is a kind of magic that happens when someone writes a book. He is now thought of as more than just a click or two higher than his contemporaries; he is now somebody who knows his business and is usually called on to consult in the area and doors are opened that never were before.  A sales rep writing about his product can walk into any buyer’s office and see his book proudly displayed on the desk or shelf which he personally signed to the purchasing agent—“This book is for Joe Smith, my good friend, Best, Jack Author.”

Jack has made a friend and a solid customer or client. Just imagine what you know about. Think of all the ways your book can benefit you. If you write a book about the technical process of your work, how valuable that will make you to the company. A doctor writing a book about his specialty of orthopedics makes him an esteemed fellow among his peers and thought well of among insurance companies (which affects his premiums) and the public.

I met an attorney in New Orleans who attended a school board meeting and realized there was no single, easy to read book on the law governing school boards, teachers, principals, parents, and students. He wrote it, and within two years was representing school boards throughout the state and even in Alaska. My best friend in the army at Fort Benning, Dave Fink from upstate New York, stayed in Atlanta to work with a labor law firm. He saw there was no simple book on workers compensation. He wrote it, and like my New Orleans friend, within two or three years was the leading expert in workers compensation in Georgia. He retired a wealthy man.

If you feel you can’t write it because of time or maybe you just aren’t up to it, get a Ghostwriter to write it for you. It is a modest investment for a guaranteed future, social and professional standing, and you will have a legacy that will still be talking years after you are gone.