Books Make Booms
         You know how to do something pretty well. As a matter of fact, you are as good at what you do as anyone you know. You don’t want to crow about it, but when you consider your years at it or your native ability to do it, you are as skilled as anyone. Why not write a book, booklet or a manual, to show others how to do it and maybe make some money at the same time from book sales. Don’t keep this information to yourself. Don’t think telling about it will teach others to do it and you will be left out in the cold. It doesn’t work that way.

A book sharing a skill makes you an authority at it. You become an expert in an instant. There is a kind of magic that happens when someone writes a book. He is now thought of as more than just a click or two higher than his contemporaries; he is now somebody who knows his business and is usually called on to consult in the area and doors are opened that never were before.  A sales rep writing about his product can walk into any buyer’s office and see his book proudly displayed on the desk or shelf which he personally signed to the purchasing agent—“This book is for Joe Smith, my good friend, Best, Jack Author.”

Jack has made a friend and a solid customer or client. Just imagine what you know about. Think of all the ways your book can benefit you. If you write a book about the technical process of your work, how valuable that will make you to the company. A doctor [...]


How to Find A Good Ghostwriter?


It is the day of the computer, the word processor, the voice writer that types your dictation; it is the day of the writer who fills the cyber universe with emails. There are 242 billion emails sent daily. Everyone writes. Literally hundreds of thousands of manuscripts are tossed over the transom (as it is called when an author sends a manuscript to a publisher.) Finding no publishers want the books, authors turn to self-publishing or ebooks to get their work out there. Then they sigh and go back to their lives, having done it, having written that book that the family and friends have read, but that is about as far as it usually goes.


Some of these are really great writers and their books die without acclaim and they give up because of failed purpose. Only a few make it. I always said it was like being hit by a meteor—not many get hit by one. Some hang on and continue writing in one way or another, and some are excellent at the language. If you are lucky, you can find one of these to write your book for you. There are many who advertise their services, like lawyers with their billboards and TV ads who seldom try cases or even see the client, but refer them to others. So hiring a ghostwriter is not unlike that. There are plenty good ones.

How do you get a good one?  If you aren’t being referred by a friend, Google. You are going to have to use intuition in large measure. Look at what the guy has written, check out his references and testimonials. See if you like the writing style. Do [...]


Write Your Own Novel, First Step 
            I bet half the people you know are nurturing a story they are burning to tell, but for a variety of reasons just can’t confront what it takes to write it. Time, lack of confidence, doubt, are the stealth assassins of creativity. They have no clue of how to write a manuscript or to start writing a book. It is daunting, for it is unknown territory. 
            The way to do it is just to start. Maybe you are jumping the gun, giving yourself too steep a gradient. Maybe you should start by writing down your goal—what do you want to achieve with this book?  Studies were made of musicians and their goals. Some had never considered their goal, some had figured out their goal and some had written their goals down.  By writing out your goal, you are putting your intention into the physical universe and out of your head. 
            Those who had a goal were miles ahead of those with no goal in terms of success, but those who had written their goals down, worked it over back and forth until they knew precisely why they were doing it, the ideal scene when they had accomplished it, and the valuable final products when they were doing it. The success rate in terms of money, popularity, sales, was a light year ahead of those who just knew their goal.           
            This is a phenomenon. When you get it all set out in your mind, and on paper, the physical universe aligns with your intention and gets all the factors and elements set up to make it happen. You must believe it totally, believe it [...]


The First Meeting

The first meeting may be in person or by phone. Frequently the author is far away, even in another country, so face-to-face is impossible.

I give a free hour of consultation during which I get the feel of the person and an idea about the project.  It doesn’t take long to know if I want to do it or not.

I ask questions, get a feel of what is needed and wanted, and if I like it, and if it is something I want to do. I am not going to work on a project that doesn’t resonate well.. As an author for over four decades, I have an idea what will work. I love writing about people’s lives, memoirs, areas in which the author excels and is expert, novels, and books that inform, enlighten and inspire.  I usually can bring to life the dullest of stories, but it must interest me for my muse to answer my call when I begin. Money is a motivator, but not enough to bring me to the monitor if I hate the story and have a question about the author.

I then find if the author has ability to pay, and has a budget for it. Many come to me with some idea that the story or tale will have a market and want me to write it with a percentage of sales. I do not do that. On rare occasions, if I think the book has sales potential, I may take a small percentage, but I always need to be paid up front and out back when it is done.

If it is a series of blogs or newsletters, will he or she supply any of the material [...]

What Is A Ghostwriter?

You don’t have to be a good writer to be an author. You just need to know a good Ghostwriter to bring your subject to life. People want to know about ghostwriting fees, how to write your own novel, writing a book about your life, and steps to writing a book, and who needs a Ghostwriter? In a recent email I sent out, I quoted a New York Times Article: “Up to half the books on any non- fiction best seller list are written by someone other than the name on the book.” Even big time authors have others write for them.


            This should be one of those FAQ’s, (Frequently Asked Questions). It seems nearly everyone wants to write a book and many ask this precise question.. They want a book they can hold in their hands, feel its texture and its warmth, see their own name on the spine and on the cover, then open it and see their own words lying beautifully across the page. They visualize this book sitting proudly on their desk or shelf, and they can occasionally glance up and get that rush of “I have done it. I have written a book. I have a legacy that will be here when I am gone.”             This feeling is amplified when another reads it and raves about how great it is. It is like having someone tell you that your baby is beautiful. It is your baby.