IF YOUR BLOG DON’T BARK—-Get a ghostwriter for hire

You are in business and you don’t have a blog? Oh, I see, you already have all the business you want! Well then, I’ll hang up and call somebody else who wants to increase sales and make more money.

Oh, you don’t want me to hang up and want to know more about how a blog can help your business? OK, I will give it to you like it is. If you don’t have a presence on the Internet, you are horse and buggy. Even if you run a local business, relying on local customers, people nowadays check you out on the net. If you are not on the net, they choose someone who is unless it is an old long term customer. And then they read what you have written. One negative review sends them to a competitor.

Admit it, you have done it yourself. You looked up a locksmith, or restaurant, or realtor on the net. You chose the most professional and convincing display and information given. You chose according to what resonated in you, the positive reviews, and perceived reliability. Also you liked the blog, right? If he wrote a book about it, how impressed are you about his competence? You want to write a book and don’t know where to start?

Oh, you don’t have time to write a blog or a blog. Good blogs in association with a good webmaster/keyword research expert can 5X your business in weeks. They can put your site on page one in Google, where everyone looks first. Those blogs contained the keywords that shot the site to page one.

No time to write it? Your writing sucks? Hire a professional ghostwriter. You will be surprised how a well written blog catapults your stats, and will pay for itself quickly and increases your reputation and esteem in business. You are going to think about it? That shows how horse and buggy you are.

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