We all have a story to tell and expert knowledge to share. We all have an image to enhance or a profession to promote. There is only one thing needed--to communicate it to others with the help of a professional Wordsmith. 

You will be accepted as an instant authority in your subject, and discover the secret to opening those doors that have been closed - Everyone loves and respects authors. Now it's your turn to experience that admiration.

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“Your Dawn’s Revenge is a true thriller that kept me intrigued and captivated. I particularly enjoyed the local color in your settings and characters. I found my senses savoring typical New Orleans scenes and colorful Louisiana characters given vivid life by your superior descriptive powers. Your keen knowledge of the New Orleans legal and political system was obvious in your creative yet bizarre manipulation of the system’s characters. The reader is drawn into the powerful plot.” Edwin W. Edwards, Four Term Governor of Louisiana

“I raced through this book. It is a wonder that Sledge can document the existence of the seamy side of life while maintaining our hope for a better way. His description of New Orleans, the Cajun culture, swamps and bayous, and a few Louisiana politicians are not to be missed. Truly a fantastic read.”  Buddy Roemer, Governor of Louisiana 

 "Where Imagination Ends.... Sledge Begins.

The shadow behind the novel, the spectre behind the speech, the haunt behind the headlines is the ghost...is LD Sledge. When one thinks ghostwriter...think LD Sledge. His unmatched quality of turning ideas into things, of making stories out of experience, creating scenery the likes of which can only be described as palpable is what I want when I want a ghost.

As a busy professional public relations executive and a writer myself, I understand the value of a talented ghostwriter. A TALENTED one can take your topic and churn it out so that it is 'written' by you. For all intents and purposes, YOU wrote it...but you didn't .

A true ghostwriter is one that gets inside the mind of the client and spits out what one is trying to say but can't ..in the way it is intended to be said and in the time frame needed.

When I need a ghost, I turn to LD - As gifted as one can be and as intuitive and one wants to be...technical, pedantic, stylish, creepy, romantic, lyrical, prose, academic or humorous....LD. is your man. I highly recommend him." Teresa Reile - Owner - PR by TR, LLC, Buffalo, N.Y.

"Mr. Sledge’s talent with the written word is akin to the rare singer who has incredible vocal range. Having read his work over several years, I am not only impressed with the clarity in which he is able to communicate to a reader, but also his ability to adapt his “voice” as a writer to practically any situation. His success and experience in writing on a variety of subjects and to different audiences is something that one cannot simply manufacture. Surely it has been a skill cultivated and honed through his treasured years as man of so many different hats. Whether it is detailed ad copy, written novels, short stories, poetry, news, or practically any movement of the written language, Sledge is a master. His skills are perfectly matched for assisting others in writing. One would not construct a building without consulting a great architect, nor would they trust an ocean-liner to be piloted by an unskilled crewman. Keeping with this logic, I would highly recommend one consider Mr. Sledge for his unmatched skill as a writer in assisting with any upcoming project." Russell Beall, Attorney

"LD Sledge is one of my all-time favorite writers. What I particularly love is the atmospheric way he builds his imagery so that I feel I am right there where he is writing about and I see everything that he sees.

That plus the inventiveness of his stories and the richness of his characters usually hooks me before the end of the first page. I also like that he pulls no punches in his writing and he's not afraid to go where others fear to tread.

When I need a ghostwriter for my own books, LD is my first choice."
Tony Rockliff, Music Producer

This is your site to find great ghost writers for hire, starting with me, LD Sledge. Read my About Me page to learn more about me and be sure to check out my writing samples as well as my blog posts of useful information to would-be writers.  My Professional Biography blog is a summary of my work.