I went to the library today. Each time I go, it almost takes my breath as I suck in the air that has embraced those thousands on thousands of books in residence. As I walked between the close-set shelves, I traced the covers with the tips of my fingers and said hello to my dearest friends.

If you are a book lover, you love libraries like I do.  There is a warmth among those tall shelves filled with the thoughts and dreams and schemes of thousands of men and women who had the guts to write. They did it. They made their dreams come true, and damn well wrote it and now I can read it. I can live the lives of their characters and be a better man because of it.

book music

I am so glad that they did.  Now I can hear the wind snap in the canvas above as the salt spray stings my face; I can smell her perfume, touch the small of her back; I can feel the fear rush through me as I race just ahead of the T Rex snapping its jaws inches behind my head. I can hear the clash of swords all around me as I fight my way through a bloody field of war. All of those wonderful experiences are living and hiding between those covers. Now they are mine. Each is a symphony I only need to hear by opening to the prelude on the first page.

They did it!  They wrote it.  It is a gift that will sing until the pages turn to dust.

You have a song in you that is waiting to be composed to live and sing your word melodies to men, women and children you will never know. I want you to write it and join that orchestra in the library, to be held tightly in the grip of your future reader as he or she is immersed in the music of your words.

You hum the tune, and I will compose it just like you would. Let me do it for you. Don’t let your song be unsung. Don’t let your last thought be “If I had written my story I could have lived on and on through my words.” It is not too late.

Call me for a free consultation, now. Let’s do it together. We can make it happen.